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Activities/House Rules
Banio Kreek

Activities/House Rules


What’s to see and do in Banio Kreeks Farms?

  • Swimming
  • Kiddie Swimming Pool (Coming Soon!)
  • Billiards
  • Unlimited Videoke for the houses, magic sing for the rooms
  • Table Tennis (shared)
  • Dragon Fruit Farm
  • Pineapple Farms
  • Bromeliad Farm
  • Vermicompost Farm
  • Bonfire/Campground
  • Overlooking views
  • Teambuilding Area (Coming Soon!)
  • Massage service (available upon request)
  • Teambuilding (For facilitators, we have a list of preferred suppliers that we can refer. Please ask us about it. )
  • WIFI is currently not available in the farm.
(open for non-renters, tagaytay tour operators, students)


SWIMMING POOL – Unless you rent the whole resort exclusively, the swimming pool is shared by all houses and rooms. The swimming pool is open 24/7 but we request that you watch your children during swimming. As this area is shared, please do secure your belongings.

POOL RULES – The pool rules are found in the swimming pool area. Please do not wear dark colored clothes or jeans in the pool. No diving, and no horse-playing.

OCCUPANCY – We will provide beddings for the maximum # of persons of the houses that you have rented. Bed capacity/house is found below:


House/Room # of beds # of extra mattresses provided
Poolhouse 1 queen size, 4 bunk bed 5
Creekhouse 1 single bed, 5 bunk beds 9
Redhouse 1 single bed w/ pullout, 10 bunk beds 8
Attic Room 1 queen size, 1 single 2
Green Room 1 queen size, 2 single site internet 1

VIDEOKE – Videoke machines are available on a per group basis. The caretaker will set up the systems at designated areas near the houses. Rooms are given a magic-sing but are subject to availability. The videoke use is unlimited but the caretakers may ask that the videoke machines be rested for 2-3 hours depending on the weather and the duration of your usage (for example, 5 hours straight use in hot weather, etc). Please be considerate with the volume of the videoke during night time.

KITCHEN – Kitchen rental will be P500 for the first 15-20 pax for an overnight stay, in excess of 15 pax, it will be another P500. The kitchen rental includes basic kitchen and eating utensils, use of the LPG, one 2 burner stove, a rice cooker and a refrigerator. Please go to the caretakers to secure your utensils/equipment. Daytrip rental for the kitchen is P300/day for the first 15 pax. Rooms do not have their own provision for a kitchen, if you wish to cook, please talk to the caretakers, you can use their kitchen or an extra kitchen if all the houses are not occupied. Please kindly return the utensils in the same status as it was given to you.

PETS – Pets are welcome in Banio Kreek Farms. Please clean up after your pets. Any damage caused by your pets to the property of the resort will be payable b y the owner of the animal.

STORE – There is a basic sari-sari store at the caretaker’s room beside the swimming pool. Drinking water, Softdrinks, condiments and common toiletries are available. Landline calls are also available in the store at P5/call.

PAYMENT – Please pay balances and additional amenities rental to the caretaker/Meriam/Cesar. The caretaker’s room is beside the poolhouse.

PROPER CONDUCT –Proper conduct is requested from all guests. Drugs and other prohibited substances are not allowed in the premises. Acts of Hazing or Violence are also not allowed. The owners reserve the right to expel the client if they do not comply with these provisions.

TOILETRIES – Banio Kreek Farms does not provide toiletries and towels. (Towels, soap, etc). Although a sari-sari store selling soap, shampoo and other toiletries is found in the resort. (Caretaker’s room).

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – BK Farms is not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages. We can arrange for someone to buy for you (marketing fee). Or you can bring your own, no corkage fee.

DRINKING WATER - Drinking water is not provided in the resort, unless your stay is catered. There are 5 gallon water containers for sale in the farm store.

NIGHT TIME SWIMMING – The pool is open 24 hours, but we will dim some lights in the pool area after 12mn. We ask that you show consideration when using the pool at night to other renters that might be sleeping.

SMOKING - Smoking is not allowed in all enclosed areas. Ashtrays are provided in designated areas.

WATER – Please help conserve water at all times.

PARKING  - Parking is free for vans, cars, etc. We highly encourage transportation via cars/vans. If bringing a commercial bus, there is an additional rate of P500/bus for overnight parking fee. There is ferrying fee of P40/head for a jeep to bring you from the bus parking area/area where the bus can pass to the resort, back and forth.

CHECKIN and CHECKOUT – Check-in will be based on the pre-arranged time as per your reservation. Please get your keys from the caretaker. Checkout will be strict re: time, as there might be a renter coming after your group. Please do return the key, and check all your belongings before checking out.
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